WoT by Hjundaj TessuMod, WOT/Teamspeak integration mod v0.6.7 (13.8.2016)

A modification for integrating TeamSpeak into Wargaming’s World of Tanks game.

The mod provides visual feedback in-game when a player speaks in TeamSpeak and positions speakers voice in TeamSpeak so that their voice appears to come from their vehicle’s direction on battlefield.


The feedback is same as when you speak to someone using the built-in voice chat. However, in addition the mod enables feedback also when someone in enemy team speaks (provided that the player is in same TS channel with you).

There is also an action notification shown in minimap around speaking player’s vehicle:

The mod itself doesn’t connect to TS server, but instead it connects to your TS client, so you need to have it running.

The mod notifies in the system notification center when it detects the TS client:

For the mod to be able to recognise which WOT player is currently speaking in TS the speaker should have TessuMod installed.

The mod stores your WOT nickname to TS server. When you talk, other players’ mods will retrieve your WOT nickname stored to TS and use it to show you as speaking in-game.

If the speaker doesn’t have TessuMod installed then there are several options to map TS user’s nickname to WOT nickname:

  • If the TS nickname contains the WOT nickname (big and small letters do not matter) then recognisations works automatically,
  • If the TS nickname contains something else in addition to the WOT nickname, like, clan tag or real name, e.g: “(TAG) wot_nick / real name” then you can configure extractions patterns to extract ‘wot_nickname’ from the TS-nickname,
  • If the TS nickname is different from WOT nickname then you can configure mapping rules, where e.g. if TS nickname is “Erkki”, return instead WOT nickname “3rkk1”

The mod can be configured by editing file res_mods\configs\tessu_mod\tessu_mod.ini. The file is not included with the release package, but is created when you start WOT. This ensures that you don’t accidentally overwrite your modifications when updating mod to newer version. The mod automatically reloads the file when ever you change it, so you don’t need to restart WOT after changing it.

When the mod manages to successfully map TS user to WOT player the mod will remember the mapping in future even if nickname of a TS user would change. These remembered pairings are stored to res_mods\configs\tessu_mod\tessu_mod_cache.ini.

For enabling audio positioning (3D audio) you need to install TessuMod plugin for TeamSpeak. Plugin’s installer is included in mod’s release archive. Supports Windows Vista / 7 / 8 / 10 (both 32 and 64 bit) operating systems



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