WoT by Hjundaj BlackWoT PFMods V.7.3.0 By Polar Fox

List of Mods:

BREAKABLE – removal sweep objects
Shadow – the shadow
XRAYS – stroke technology behind the obstacle (x-ray)
RELOADING – reloading
WATCHFUL – indication opponents
DESTRUCTION – destruction on the minimap
HEALTHCARE – repair, automatic fire extinguisher
TUNDRA – removal of vegetation
AWARENESS – display of installed equipment over the markers technique


I returned the aimbot and lasers (lasers, by the way, as they were before – with the possibility of paint-by-danger (only works when the option
“hover”), no crashes, brakes, and wild overhead from memory)
– Fixed focus flash combat (the inability to print in the chat)
– Fixed display of enemies in a watchful
– Fixed small bugs in reloading
– Added the ability to drag and drop virtually any graphic element on screen (including labels AIMA)
– Fixed destroyed objects on the minimap (sometimes there were false positives, and too often drawn animation)
– Many other small fixes/additions


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