WoT by Hjundaj Lasers – Stealthz

Laser Pointer – cheat modes showing the direction of the enemy trunks .

Mod helps in the midst of battle are aiming to trace where your enemies. Indeed, sometimes, in the heat of battle, you do not have time to track the maneuvers of the enemy, but seeing that you sent to the laser, it is possible to change the position of your tank and avoid falling into enemy shell in his car. Wargaming placed this mod on the list of banned client modifications. So use it with caution.


Customize events can be in the file


To edit using Notepad or any other txt file editor

Author of mod: Stealthz

Lasers - Stealthz Lasers By Stealthz

Mod is on the list of banned. Do not post screenshots and replays which show the use of a laser pointer.




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