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Destroyed Objects On The Minimap by Polarfox UPDATED

Destroyed Objects Minimap PolarFox – Mod, which will help you to find enemies.

Destroyed Objects Minimap PolarFox

– fixed issue with ingame crashes
– fully redone code
– only for NA, EU & SEA servers

(displaying what was destroyed)

no time limitation


Destroyed Objects On The Minimap And InGame By PolarFox

This modification is part of the most popular cheat mod-packs. But now you can install only one mod separately. Mod destroyed objects on a mine map will analyze and calculate enemies mistakes. If the opponent was not careful and hurt or destroyed the fence, a car, a house, a tree than mod immediately will signals. Thus you will know the approximate location of the enemy.

All settings are in: mods\configs\bw_minimap_dmarkers.json
You can enable or disable sound notification by changing the following command line:

– Copy the “mods” folder to:
“\World of Tanks” Destroyed Objects On The Minimap And InGame By PolarFox

Every Mod you download on your own risk.
We do not encourage to cheat. We want to Inform you.


How to Install


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