WoT by Hjundaj Battle Assistant v.2.0.3 – Reven86

Battle Assistant – project represents several modifications client games World of Tanks, insignificantly changing the gameplay.


Battle Assistant v.1.3.9 - Reven86



Battle Assistant v.1.3.9 - Reven86 Battle Assistant v.2.0.3 By Reven86 


Unpack the archive to a folder res_mods / <client version>. The scripts \ client \ mods folder is battle_assistant.txt file that you can selectively disable modules and change their settings. Maud does not conflict with known assemblies mods (except ENT – they do not display correctly in the new ACS-mode), set up events needed after installation-pack fashion.



Unzip the archive into the res_mods / <client version> folder. In the folder scripts \ client \ mods is the file battle_assistant.txt, in which you can selectively disable the modules and change their settings. Mod does not conflict with known mod assemblies (except UGN – they are displayed incorrectly in the new ACS mode), you need to install the mod after installing the mod-pack.


Starting with patch 9.18 mod must be activated once every 10 days. Activation is completely free and allows you to use the mod for the next 10 days. After that, the mod needs to be reactivated.

Why is this done? Maud has been around for almost 3 years, and all this time I have been supporting it with the release of WoT updates. It takes a while. On the activation page there is advertising, and this will help to at least compensate for my time.

After installation, do not forget to activate the mod from the link from the notification center and restart the game.

Link for activation:  https://armorinspector.com/battleassistant


With regard to the administration of the reaction:

Many people ask the question whether this mod is legal or not. Answer: it is legal . The administration is aware of this fashion and will not ban its use. Moreover, the events took first place in the competition WGDC , conducted by Wargaming.

 Button G – On/Off
Settings are in:\scripts\client\gui\mods\mod_battle_assistant.txt



Battle Assistant v.1.3.9 - Reven86

Battle Assistant v.1.3.9 - Reven86

Battle Assistant v.1.3.9 - Reven86 Battle Assistant v.2.0.3 By Reven86 





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