WoT by Hjundaj Hyperion Gun Sight Billroy

We want to introduce you to a great minimalistic sight “Hyperion” from Billroy

for World of tanks Install it on your monitor will display all the data necessary for the successful conduct of the battle:

  • the distance to the enemy,
  • total recharge time gun
  • the remaining time to complete loading guns,
  • distance to the target,
  • The current zoom ratio in the sniper scope.

All these data in the sight, enough for a comfortable and productive game. Its color has been specially selected so as not to “cut” the eyes and look quite unobtrusively. It is worth noting that this is the author came out very well. Sight made in a combination of black and green, well-read and visible on all terrains.

Hyperion Gun Sight Billroy Hyperion Gun Sight By Billroy


  1. Install fonts.
  2. Copy the “mods” folder to: “\World of Tanks”

Before instalation to avoid issues please go through readme_install.txt



How to Install


Hyperion Gun Sight Billroy





How to Install

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