WoT by Hjundaj Jove Mod Pack Extended [Rus/Eng] ver 31.3

Jove Mod Pack Extended modpack

Best modifications to upgrade in the same mod pack from Jove to World of Tanks. A variety of panel damage, scopes, bullets, tanks, advanced statistics, XVM articles, programs to increase FPS.

The new version of the mod pack for WoT updated convenient installer for Windows, allows you to set mode both individually and collectively.
This assembly is tested with and fully working! Jove Mod Pack Extended [Rus/Eng] v.31.3



Mod list

1. Excellent selection of various sights, such as the sight for artillery Taipan and the sword of Damocles, the sights from such popular players like Amway921 tanks world Murazor, Dezertod, Cyril Oreshkin and many others.
2. Convenient chips comfortable fighting:
* Calculation of booking your tank
* A circle of 15 meters around the tank for comfortable shooting from behind the bushes
* Index opponent trunks on the mini-map
* Fuse shot in the allies and the corpses
* Rise time of the perk “The Sixth feeling “(bulb)
* Ability to turn black in sniper scope
3. Various embodiments of traverse angles – useful modes for ACS and PT-ACS:
4. Various panel information about enemy:
* minimalistic panel
* Multicolored panel

about Zor + Cooldown
5. Several kinds of damaged panels
6. The commander camera
7. NoScroll – transition lock in sniper mode scrolls
8. Disable dynamic camera shake
8. Multiple optical zoom in the sniper scope
9. Graphic changes in combat:
* the destruction of tanks displayed in white
* Downed tracks are highlighted white
* Ability to remove all labels and camouflage
* Multi-colored marks on the armor in place entering
* Color models with areas of penetration
10. Improvements in the hangar:
* Ability to change the line devel tions on the vertical position
* Display fighting game level when the shutter setting
* the PING in the hangar
* Show Full Crew Skills
* clock in a hangar
11. Other fashion
* Alternative tanks pictures in the ears
* Alternative markers
* Display damage done in combat
* Multiple display options lit up rivals ears
* Easy and informative mini-map
* Various versions of sound when triggered perk “The Sixth Sense”
* Many pictures to choose to display lit up with bulbs Jove Mod Pack Extended [Rus/Eng] v.31.3

Version 31.3
* Compatibility with mikropatchem July 20




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