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1.2.0 Aslain’s WoT ModPack v07

Most recent version works for all Game clients 1.2.0

Aslain’s WoT ModPack – One of most frequently updated mod-packs for World of Tanks. We recommend do check daily for updates.

Aslain's WoT ModPack

1.2.0 Aslain’s WoT ModPack  v.07



v1.2.0 #07 (16-10-2018):
– updated XVM 7.7.5-dev nightly [8650] (for today’s micropatch)
– updated anti-mirror files (for today’s micropatch)
– updated T71 skin
– added Personal Missions Helper
– removed outdated compatibility scripts for Zorgane gun sounds + Mirukii skins [due to this I don’t recommend to install that two mods together]
v1.2.0 #06 (15-10-2018):
– updated XVM 7.7.5-dev nightly [8647]
– updated Type 59 skin
– updated colored icons on tank carousel (by LegionLost)
– updated Tactical minimap images for SPG/TD/Passive Scouts
– updated HD minimap images
– updated Hangar Manager ‘HangMan’ with few built-in garages (by goofy67)
– updated crosshair: Deegie v2 (Darkangel27), Giacint, Deegie
– updated AFR (Annoying Features Remover)
– added hangar: 8th November (“poppyfield”)
– added contour icons: DEbranded
– added DEbranded’s equipment & skill icons
– added Easy Flight Time (for arty only) by OldSkool
– added Free Camera to Hangman branch
– added 16 skins by Avalon
– added Star Trek voices (by The_Illusive_Man)
– fixed installation of the T-90 skin (conflict)
– replaced Two Steps From Hell Music Mod with version by Andre_V
– removed Anime music, Epic Mega Music Collection

v1.2.0 #05 (13-10-2018):
– removed a file not suppose to be there

v1.2.0 #04 (12-10-2018):
– updated Star Wars Music Mod
– updated Battle Observer 1.17.1
– added WWIIHWA Gun sounds
– added sounds Echoes of War (guns and engines)
– removed hitzone skins: GeneralVonRupa, Esther

v1.2.0 #03 (11-10-2018):
– added Battle Results window by Ragnarocek
– added contour icons: Panzerschiffer, Riskynet (by colt87), Ghostman101278
– added Gnomefather’s Historical Realism Gun Sounds (Zorgane)
– updated XVM 7.7.5-dev nightly [8645]
– updated hitzone skins: Esther
– updated Wide border of maps
– updated the game version detection routine (for today’s micropatch)
– updated tank skins (Mirukii, Avalon, RazerTeck)
– updated Class colored icons (by Ghostman101278)
– updated White Dead Skins
– removed temporary: Personal Missions Helper, all incompatible skins

v1.2.0 #02 (10-10-2018):
– added YasenKrasen Text extension
– added contour icons: Jackhammer (Patejl352), Nikodemsky, GolKosh, Mirukii, corecroft27, LegionLost
– added Letter shell icons
– added Sounds instead of crew voices
– added Advanced tips for skills [PL]
– updated XVM 7.7.4 [8639]
– updated crosshair: 2DZoom v2, Standard+
– updated session stats YasenKrasen
– updated Advanced Techtree
– updated Colored ribbons [Riskynet’s style]
– updated colored icons on tank carousel (by LegionLost)
– updated koreanrandom hitzone skins

v1.2.0 #01 (10-10-2018):
– updated XVM 7.7.4-dev nightly [8638]
– updated Arty Log
– updated Info Panel OldSkool
– updated Spotmessanger OldSkool
– added contour icons: Webium, man1aq
– added hangar: Hangman
– added Change client language: PL
– added Limpid Stickers
– added Hangar Clock & Calculator by AntonVK
– Note the XVM is not stable yet, crashes may occur. Don’t install XVM if you can’t stand it.

v1.2.0 #00 (09-10-2018):
– initial compatibility with WoT 1.2.0
– updated XVM 7.7.4-dev nightly [8636]
– updated Replays Manager
– updated Radio WG.FM
– updated PMOD v1.36
– updated Hangar: Minimalistic
– updated Hawg’s Consumable, Shell & Equipment Informer
– updated Selected tank highlighter
– updated Tactical minimap images for SPG/TD/Passive Scouts
– updated UI Scale
– updated Change client language
– updated contour icons: Aslain, Wizard, Witblitz, Qualan, J1mbo, Kryspin_CZ, Grandorf, XSerzHX, corehorn, Contrabass, Darker
– updated Premium tanks colored by gold with HDR (by Aslain)
– updated HDR icons on Tech-Tree (by Aslain)
– updated HDR icons on tank usel (by Aslain)
– updated crosshair: Deegie
– updated crosshair dependency script
– updated FPS Limiter
– updated Battle Results window: SerB, Sexy, Frost, Anime
– updated Battle Observer 1.17
– updated Compact horizontal tech-tree
– updated Fog Remover
– updated White death skins
– updated Info Panel Izeberg
– updated SafeShot
– updated Gun Constraints (gun traverse angle markers)
– updated Compact vertical tech-tree
– updated Personal Missions Helper
– updated Minimap Tankview Directions
– updated Battle Hits Viewer
– updated Damage Log Gambiter script
– updated WoT Tweaker Plus
– updated WoT Config Tuner
– updated anti-mirror files
– updated Advanced Techtree
– updated PYmodsCore.wotmod
– removed Consumable panel: LegionLost, Letter shell icons, all other contour icons, Battle Results window by Ragnarocek, all gun and engine sounds, YasenKrasen Text extension, Change client language: Polish, DEbranded’s equipment & skill icons, Map-Rotation Log, More visible minimap coordinates, Limpid Stickers, Hangar: Girls und Panzer anime, Hangman Manager, Disable WG Promo Teaser



1.2.0 Aslain’s WoT ModPack  v.07




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