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9.20.1 Aslain’s WoT ModPack v05

Most recent version works for all Game clients 9.20.1

Aslain’s WoT ModPack – One of most frequently updated mod-packs for World of Tanks. We recommend do check daily for updates.

Aslain's WoT ModPack

Aslain’s WoT ModPack v9.20.1_05


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v9.20.1 #05 (22-10-2017):
– updated XVM to 8002 [nightly]
– updated Tessu Mod
– updated Battle Observer [fixed CW issues]
– updated Johny_Bafak’s Vertical Techtree [not all trees are updated]
– updated contour icons: Panzerschiffer
– updated Trajectory v2.41 [fixed all known bugs]
– updated Sounds instead of crew voices
– added Die Zwei crew voices

v9.20.1 #04 (21-10-2017):
– updated XVM’s clan icons addon
– updated contour icons: Ghostman101278, J1mbo
– updated Class colored icons (by Ghostman101278)
– updated xSettingsApi v1.7.0
– added Gun Reload Sound
– removed Yasenkrasen: special addon (beta)

v9.20.1 #03 (20-10-2017):
– added Battle Results window by Ragnarocek
– added Battle Results Sexy
– added Battle Results window with SerB
– added Battle Results window Anime
– added crew voices: Minions, Monty Python, My Little Pony: Tanking is Magic
– added Personal Missions Helper
– added AutoAim Indication+
– added UT announcer by budyx69
– added gun sounds: Zorgane
– updated contour icons: Druid
– updated SpotMessanger
– updated Crew Skill Informer
– updated InBattle WN8 Calculator

v9.20.1 #02 (19-10-2017):
– updated XVM to 7.1.0
– updated contour icons: GolKosh, PogS, Wizards, Tomsa, Milkym4n, Frost
– updated session stats YasenKrasen
– updated crew voices: Automatyk, Romanians Inside, Julie, WWIHWA, Duke Nukem, Hlasky
– updated Battle Hits Viewer [added PL lang by herhor67]
– updated PMOD #29-1
– added Milkym4n tank skins: FV4202, M47 Patton, M48A5, M551 Sheridan, Type 74
– added gun & hit sounds: The Second World War. Day after day [by Guderian1979_ ]
– added Two Steps From Hell Music Mod
– added Battle Results window by Frost
– removed incompatible mods: AutoAim Indication+, most of crew voice sounds, all reload sounds, UT Announcer

v9.20.1 #01 (18-10-2017):
– updated XVM to 7994 [please ignore that night version warning for now, it’s just a message, does nothing more]
– updated contour icons: man1aq, colt87, corecroft27
– updated Battle Observer config [to fix old macro]
– updated session stats Tomonik
– removed few incompatible tank skins by Milkym4n, Battle results window mods, music mods

v9.20.1 #00 (18-10-2017):
– updated XVM to 7992
– updated Premium tanks colored by gold (by Aslain)
– updated Class colored icons (by Aslain)
– updated session stats: TimeSpent
– updated PMOD #29-0
– updated Battle Observer
– updated Final Shot
– updated White Death Tanks
– updated Battle Hits Viewer
– updated hitzones: KoreanRandom
– updated utannouncer
– updated WoT Tweaker Plus
– updated Radio WG.FM
– updated Replays Manager
– updated hangar anti-mirror file [used with few contour icons]
– updated Camouflage colored icons on Tech-Tree and carousel (by TPblHbl4_78)
– updated Icons with better contrast on Tech-Tree and carousel (by TPblHbl4_78)
– updated Vehicle Exp Extended
– updated Crew Exp Extended
– updated VersusMod
– updated Compact horizontal tech-tree
– updated Region changer (Multiclient)
– updated ScriptloaderPro 1.25
– updated contour icons: Aslain, Grandorf, Corehorn, Witblitz, Qualan, Webium (other contour icons are outdated, it’s not recommended to install them for now)
– removed: Painted Rollers, Personal Missions Helper, all gun sounds and hits mods, Arty Log
– info: next batch of updates later today



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