WoT by Hjundaj

1.1.0 Aslain’s WoT ModPack v14

Most recent version works for all Game clients 1.1.0

Aslain’s WoT ModPack – One of most frequently updated mod-packs for World of Tanks. We recommend do check daily for updates.

Aslain's WoT ModPack

1.1.0 Aslain’s WoT ModPack  v.14



v1.1.0 #14 (17-09-2018):
– updated XVM 7.7.2-dev nightly [8614]
– updated PMOD v1.35.1
– updated contour icons: Nikodemsky
– updated crew voices: Nonna
– updated crosshair: Deegie v2 (Darkangel27)
– added crosshair: Almost Standard (LegionLost)
– added crew voices: Yukari Akiyama, Anko Team, Nishizumi, Darkest Dungeon
– added Damage Panel LegionLost
– added contour icons: PogS, LegionLost
– added DEbranded’s Crew Icons
– added Consumable panel: LegionLost [due to this you have to select Hawg’s consumables again – that’s if you’re using it]
– added colored icons on tank carousel (by LegionLost)
– added More visible minimap coordinates [read mod description – mod won’t work with contour icons]

v1.1.0 #13 (14-09-2018):
– added contour icons PogS Color MAX FSR RLD VR
– added Voices from the Polish movies (by lazarekt3485)
– added 6th sense sound: Forged73, Redneck Rampage
– added Sixth Sense 10sec duration [PMOD]
– added Colored train fitting wagons: pold077 (locastan), Webium
– updated Advanced Vertical TechTree
– updated hitzone skins: Esther

v1.1.0 #12 (12-09-2018):
– added Hangar: Girls und Panzer anime
– added crew icons: Girls und Panzer
– added GuP crew voices: Nonna, Katyusha
– added Anime music
– added Gnomefather’s Historical Realism Gun Sounds v2.0 (Zorgane)

v1.1.0 #11 (11-09-2018):
– added crew sounds: My Little Pony: Tanking is Magic
– added XVM reload sounds: Stand by, On the way (from Fury)
– updated XVM 7.7.2-dev nightly [8606]
– updated anti-mirror files (for today’s micropatch)
– updated client language files (for today’s micropatch)
– updated session stats YasenKrasen (for today’s micropatch)
– updated Auxilium
– updated Extended blacklist
– updated sounds Echoes of War (engines)
– changed default position of Arty Log (so it don’t overlap mission’s progress indicator by WG]

v1.1.0 #10 (07-09-2018):
– added contour icons: Nikodemsky
– added Arty Log (second attempt)
– added crew voices: Redneck Rampage & Team Fortress (by Starbucket)
– added sounds Echoes of War (guns and engines)
– added Info Panel Izeberg [draggable + menu in hangar]
– replaced SpotMessenger with version from Oldskool (has hangar menu)
– updated crew voices: Monty Python
– updated the Anti-Mirror files (for recent micropatch)
– updated Auxilium
– uploaded correct version of Female Crew Mod #2 (celebrities)

v1.1.0 #09 (06-09-2018):
– moved to XVM 7.7.2-dev nightly [8601] (should fix problems with missions tab/frozen spawn, you’lll have no stats on TAB window again but it’s lesser problem)
– updated session stats YasenKrasen
– updated Advanced Vertical TechTree [Removed not working trees, all included trees are updated]
– updated client language files (for today’s micropatch)
– updated Console Damage panel
– added Arty Log (logging arty hits)
– added crew voices: Minions. Steel Foxes, Ukrainian, Olesya, Siegfried

v1.1.0 #08 (04-09-2018):
– updated XVM 7.7.2-dev [8602] (added stats and anti-mirror to TAB window)
– updated Radio WG.FM
– updated Extended blacklist
– updated Pink Female Crew
– added Easy Flight Time (for arty only) [non-xvm version]
– added contour icons: Riskynet (by colt87)

v1.1.0 #07 (03-09-2018):
– added UT Announcer (by BudyX69 & OldSkool)
– added crew voices: Duke Nukem Voice v1
– added contour icons: Prudenter
– added Duke Sound Deutsch crew voices
– added Auxilium option: Tank carousel rows
– updated XVM 7.7.2-dev [8599] (added yet another crash fix)
– fixed Map-Rotation Log (F11 key in garage) [empty folder was missing]
– removed Friends Marker
– removed obsolete file from UTannouncer
– INFO: The Installer is supporting windows desktop scaling now!




1.1.0 Aslain’s WoT ModPack  v.14





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