WoT by Hjundaj Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 13 Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 13

All mods in the ModPack are “LEGAL” and are safe to use.


Installable ModPack for World of Tanks 1.4.x
with “Mod” and “Sound” Previews
When selecting a mod you will “see and hear” what you are installing.

9.18 Solo’s ModPack v.0

with Mod Previews

9.18 Solo’s ModPack v.0

with Updating System

9.18 Solo’s ModPack v.0
9.18 Solo’s ModPack v.0


U13 [1.4.13] 3/25/19
-XVM 7.8.5
-WoT-Multi Clinet
-WWII Historical War Sounds

U12 [1.4.12] 3/19/19
-XVM: Gold and Experince Locker fixed
-KoreanRandom HitSkins
-Added Repair Extended Default hotkeys: ALT and Space. Configurable in the hangar menu (under ESC key)

U11 [1.4.11] 3/19/19
-Disabled: YasenKrasen, Gnomefather’s Sounds, WWII Historical War Sounds, WoT Region Changer

U10 [1.4.10] 3/17/19
-Pre Prep
-Marks of Excellence
-Fixes to some mods.
-Note: MultiHItlog (Issue: Front Lines stats, Event Calendar / Store / Skirmishes/ Combat Intelligence
Stop working after 1 game. Fix is in works)
-Zayas DamagePanel
-Rabbit DamagePanel Solo’s ModPack Installer Update 13


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