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9.19 Easy Ambush By Bosomi .

9.19 Easy Ambush By Bosomi – NEW MOD!

Easy Ambush – is a mod that can calculate automatically /review of an enemy tank with respect to the masking of your tank. Thus, you can easily determine how far through your tank will be marred by the adversary. EAmbush can calculate the level of your disguise after the shot in advance to give an answer whether your tank marred, if you make a shot. This mod is not classified as prohibited, as is the new mod that has no analogues and does not know about its existence. It is not recommend to anyone to show events on its combat account. EAmbush is in beta testing . calculated taking into account the fact that your tank is, the velocity is zero. For the convenience of users to customize the available configuration file.

1. Perk “masking”
2. Perk “Eagle Eye”
3. Perk “intercept”
4. Perk “Combat Brotherhood”


What kind of equipment takes account of the events:
1. “Camo Net”
2. Perk “stereoscopic”
3. Perk “improved ventilation”
4. Perk “illumination optics”


A further consideration:
1. Shrubs, trees,
2. Camouflage tank
3. The level of the crew,


– You can shoot “The for-shot Reserve * m” – the magazine for shooting


– You can not shoot






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