WoT by Hjundaj Ganjalezz Chassis white wheels on tanks

Ganjalezz Chassis Ganjalezz Chassis (white wheels on tanks)


Why create all kinds of modifications for the game “World of tanks?” Of course, to improve the standard client or to help a gamer during a heavy fight, naturally, by authorized methods.

One of the interesting mods that helps to successfully achieve victory, is painted white caterpillars for tanks in WoT .
When using it, the caterpillar tracks are painted in a contrasting white color, both on their own vehicles and on enemy tanks. What is it for?

A simple example. EDB this time began to be harmful, and threw the player to the very bottom of the list. The “Honorable” 15th number. And “gold” shells, as luck would have it, not. What to do in this situation? Search for the enemy in the teeth? But the “fireflies” and “estashki” are too dangerous prey, and then look, they themselves will destroy. There are “thick-skinned” “strands”.

This is where Ganjalezz Chassis comes in handy. The enemy “Tiger-2” rolls out from behind the corner and gets armor-piercing into the leading, front sprocket. First, the enemy is immobilized. And if he does not have a repair kit or the “repair” skill of the crew, then for a long time stays like that. Secondly, damage to the transmission from German vehicles automatically damages the engine. One shot, and how much good for the team. And all thanks to Ganjalezz Chassis, allocating a weak point.

Ganjalezz Chassis Ganjalezz Chassis (white wheels on tanks)


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