WoT by Hjundaj Accurate Scope Turquoise .

One of the major challenges that confront a mod developers of the game “World of Tanks” by improving the standard scope, is a selection of colours and we think Accurate Scope Turquoise provides the best one. Accurate Scope Turquoise



Crosshair line information, sighting scope for shooting at forestalling the risks. All of these graphics should be visible on any background – be it white with black blotches of snow “Arctic”. Light-yellow landscape “Sandy River” or bright, juicy greens “Robins”. Experiment with the selection of the optimal colour scheme quite successful creators fashion accurate Turquoise sight for Tanks of World.

Author: Andre_V

– Copy the “mods” folder to:
“\World of Tanks”


Accurate Scope TurquoiseAccurate Scope Turquoise

The greenish-blue colour, which has been selected for all the lines, meets all these requirements. Bright, contrast. The carcass of the enemy “Churchill” in camouflage perfectly visible in the optics. As a bonus gift-set to all players pointer counter enemy armour thickness, which colour indicates the possible embodiments of penetration. Accurate Scope Turquoise




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