WoT by Hjundaj Arcade Snipe Pulse sight (RUS/ENG) .

Arcade Snipe Pulse sight

Elegant Fashion in the Arcade Snipe Pulse sight for World of tanks

executed in green and blue colors and wheel information is painted in light yellow color while reloading guns of your war machine. In addition, the reduction of sight is equipped with an indicator of penetration. Arcade Snipe Pulse sight suit all players in the world of tanks and novice and experienced conquerors of randomness.

The minimum amount of information displayed on the screen will not distract tankers, and will be useful for beginners to learn to play without the sights that make all the calculations for them on the field of battle tank.

The problem of visibility tools recharge time, the number of remaining ammunition, armored vehicles Player Status solved fundamentally. It is shaped background dark shades, which are now all these figures have become well-read. The disadvantage is that the visible part of the firing zone of direct fire is now closed. And so you can simply do not notice the approaching enemy. But there is a sensor distance to the target, showing just how effective is this or that ammunition. And the thickness of the light armor of enemy armored vehicles – just a gift. “Tankman” in the battle suggests crosshair on the target and saw that this place is useless to shoot.

If issues will happen:

If the scope is not displayed correctly, make sure you install the fonts that are in the archive.





  • Unpack archive
  • Go to relevant folder depending on your language preferences [eng/rus]
  • copy content to adequate folder in your Game folder ../World_of_Tanks/mods/
  • Enjoy

Author of Mod: Andre_V





How to Install


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