WoT by Hjundaj Art -artillery- Taipan sight

Every player playing the artillery at some stage must become to a moment when is not satisfied with the standard art-gun.


We recommend that you download the popular in the world of tanks community Art -artillery- Taipan sight for Tanks World WOT . In this modification, brought together the best achievements of all WOT designers. The following parameters will be displayed on the screen of your monitor:

  • time to charge the guns;
  • the distance to the enemy tank;
  • the approximate number of seconds that the projectile will in flight before strike an opponent;
  • type of projectile charged;
  • the number of remaining ammunition and other most necessary in combat settings.

Art -artillery- Taipan sightArt -artillery- Taipan sight

We hope that this sight for the arts will make your game more productive. Art -artillery- Taipan sight


Author: Dikey93 and Andre_V

– Copy the “mods” folder to:
“\World of Tanks”

How to Install

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