WoT by Hjundaj Kristalwot Gun Sight By KRISTALWOT .

Excellent new KRISTALWOT sight for World of Tanks
has one distinct advantage. It will look great ith background of view you have behind tank you are aiming at. The most important advantage of the sight, all you need to know in a fight is in front of your eyes. Remaining ammunition, the end time of the reload, the distance to the target, a text marker with standard armor penetration. Sniper mode display information remains the same as in the arcade, but to change the graphical elements for clarity and aiming. This sight was designed for accurate shooting at a moving targets. As well as on the technique that was lost because of the light in the sky or over the hill. If you consider all the factors of sight, it can be said that the sight is an excellent option to replace any sight, either, the standard or some, something fancy.



9.18 Kristalwot Gun Sight Kristalwot Gun Sight By KRISTALWOT
 Kristalwot Gun Sight By KRISTALWOT





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