WoT by Hjundaj DarkTeam Tundra v.7.0 by – Android

How to use:
1) Launched the game
2) Launch the program


  • Full tundra – removes all objects: trees, leaves, bushes
  • Tundra for a sniper – activates “Full Tundra” when you’re a sniper
  • The world without leaves – removes only leaves of trees
  • The world without trunks – removes only tree trunks
  • The world without branches – removes only branches of trees
  • The world without bushes – removes only bushes
  • Disconnect the sky] – the sky becomes black
  • [b] Remove wind – the wind clears
  • Multi-windows – allows you to run several games
  • The program is in English or Russian, depending on the OS
  • Setting the “Hotkeys”
  • Setting up autoloading from Windows (Tundra is hidden in the tray), but after closing the game the program will not close, but will run in the background
  • Auto-save of activated functions


  • If there are problems with tundra operation, delete the file “[hotkeys] the_tundra.bin” in the directory % TEMP%
  • If you write that the version is outdated (and perhaps it’s wrong), run as administrator
  • If you previously had problems with hot keys, then overwrite the settings DarkTeam Tundra By Android v 7.0


Every Mod you download on your own risk.
We do not encourage to cheat. We want to Inform you.


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