WoT by Hjundaj WOTSPEAK best forbidden modpack WOT ver. 3.3


The feature of this assembly is in most useful and necessary  illegal and legal mods for battle.

Plus, convenient and accessible installer that will give a preview demonstrations.

You will find prohibited modifications as:

  • Mod Tundra able to remove all vegetation from the map.
  • Mod capable of displaying also recharge time of your opponent. Now you will have precious seconds without a response battlefield.
  • Autorepair, also with detailed configuration
  • If you do not see your opponent  with mod will inform you about the fallen tree and changes to the architecture.
  • Colored tracers
  • Bright laser beam coming out of enemy trunks, which will indicate the direction of the enemy’s shot.
  • Shadow on the location of enemy detection, if it is left in the glare of
  • And that’s not all …..
Most of all we ant you to consider that some of the mods in the assembly refers to prohibited so You use them at your own risk.

It is  necessary to put Mod-pack on a clean client or select “Remove fashion” and “Clear Cache” on page select the folder therefore you will avoid installation issues and conflicts with old mods. Because we do not create this mod-pack, questions related to combining with other mods and mod-packs we can address according to our knowledge or we will refer you to creators or mods. 

The disadvantage of mod-pack is its illegality, as a result you can be punished by WG by block account. WOTSPEAK ver. 3.3 the best forbidden modpack for WOT






How to Install


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