WoT by Hjundaj Aslain’s WoT ModPack v06

 Most recent version works for all Game clients

Aslain’s WoT ModPack – One of most frequently updated mod-packs for World of Tanks. We recommend do check daily for updates.

Aslain's WoT ModPack Aslain’s WoT ModPack v06




[+ added | – removed | ^ updated | # fixed]

v1.22.0.2 #06 (02-10-2023):
– updated contour icons: man1aq
– updated Sounds instead of crew voices
– added aim circle: Visible Penetration Indicator (by FartsInTanksEU) [mod #738]
– re-added Type 59 Gold Skin Remover

v1.22.0.2 #05 (01-10-2023):
– updated Better Reticle Size (by Jak_Atackka)
– updated Dispersion Reticle (by Pruszko)
– updated Sixth Sense Timer
– added Mirny Sky (by Mirny_Survivor) [mod #1086]
– added Marked books for reward (by Pepelus) [mod #1245]

v1.22.0.2 #04 (28-09-2023):
– updated Session Stats YasenKrasen [yet another double results fix]
– updated Show battle results on Tomato.gg v1.4.4
– updated crosshairs: Battlefield, Eagle

v1.22.0.2 #03 (26-09-2023):
– updated contour icons: Jackhammer (by Patejl352)
– updated SicFunzlers’s engine sounds
– updated Starry Sky
– updated crosshairs: Fatality, Giacint, Sniper, Abrams, Devastator, Kellerman Blue, inimalistic Blue
– re-added aim circle: Fatality, Giacint, White v2 (filled), Marsoff, Default w/more visible Arty circle
– re-added Average Damage Log
– added sixth sense icon: Emergency
– removed until the end of the WT event: Garage: Miku v1
– Note: Minimalistic Garage mod disables the event tank carousel, so if you want to play this type of battles, you should uninstall this mod. Aslain’s WoT ModPack v06






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