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How to perform mod installation – World_of_Tanks?

Hello Tankers.

In this post we will explain as clear as we can how to perform the mod installation – World_of_Tanks. we are not talking about modpacks which have their own installer but single about mods.

Some of you will find this article boring as you already know how and where. But as we all know Rome wasn’t build in a day. Some of us might not know where to upload files or into which folder.


Mods are made by various people, developers. We are grateful for that but each one of them might prepare his/her mod in different way.

World of Tanks game has 2 separate folders for mods:  mods and res_mods

mods is a newer folder implemented by Wargaming and res_mods is the older one, but both still works and this might be the biggest confusion for everyone.

Also what we need to know is that inside each one of above there is additional folder or folders relevant to the current game version. Look below at the example:

mod installation - World_of_Tanks
mods folder
mod installation - World_of_Tanks
res_mods folder

in green are marked 2 additional folders in res_mods location. Those folders are in use for some of modifications, although if you will have to upload anything there it is already prepared in the mod archive containing all files



And now the main and most important thing. When to upload files into mods or res_mods folder. The explanation is easy, if archive (compressed file) which you download contains:

  • mods folder it means it will go into mods directory in your game folder.
  • res_mods folder it will go into res_mods
  • or only folders named: gui, scripts or system than it goes into res_mods/x.x.xx.x  ( where x.x.xx.x stands for folder of latest game version like on above photos)

And now couple of screenshots to give you better picture of how and where to upload the mod files.

mods – folder

mod installation - World_of_Tanks mod installation - World_of_Tanks


res_mods – folder

mod installation - World_of_Tanks mod installation - World_of_Tanks



Additionally you 2 YouTube clips (in English) showing mod and modpack installation. They were recorded with old WoT version but are still relevant.




If you are still lost and looking for more information please leave a comment.


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