WoT by Hjundaj DrWebber Tundra 64 and 32 Bit

Please read post, all needed information we think are included below. DrWebber Tundra – additional piece of software that slows to tanker to remove partially or totally trees/leafs from game view.

Instalation: Download, unpack ( preferably to desktop), start game and than start downloaded file. Set up key shortcuts and enjoy game. DrWebber Tundra FOR 32BIT and 64 BIT ver of GAME

– probably the best and most stable Tundra for WoT out there

Every Mod you download on your own risk.
We do not encourage to cheat. We want to Inform you.

The anti-virus falsely works on the components of the Cheat Engine program in which the trainer was created.

password to unpack file: hjundaj.com


password to unpack file: hjundaj.com


Additional manual for Windows 7 users if you have issues.

You need to force your WoT game client to work in a 32bit version:
Locate folder c:\Games\World_of_Tanks_XX\win32\ (https://prnt.sc/s53p42).
Send worldoftanks.exe to desktop (https://prnt.sc/s53qqp). Right click on the worlfoftanks.exe, SENT TO -> DESKTOP (https://prnt.sc/s53rl4).
From now on, use ONLY this shortcut to start the game. Standard game launcher from now one will be used ONLY to update the game.
Running WoT in only 32bit might screw other mods you got (in other words, install win 10 !!!)
For correct work on win7 x64, update kb4019990 must be installed. After installing the update, tundra/multilaunch/etc on 64-bit game client might work fine with windows 7.
For win10 this is NOT needed.

How Tundra is created:

1. All trainers are intended only for the 32-bit version of the game client and run with Administrator rights. It does not matter which Windows you have, 32 or 64. The main version of the game! Offsets (memory addresses) for the 32-bit version of the game are different from offsets for the 64-bit version of the game. Offsets are the addresses of the cells in memory at which the values ​​change. . (turning on turning off trees, sky, etc.)

2. DrWebber – without a miner. It’s just that the trainer itself is scripted and at startup it is unpacked, the “non-scripted” version of the trainer is launched, so antiviruses are extremely unsatisfied with this. A trainer was written on the Cheat Engine. + The trainer uses signatures in the search for working offsets, so it does not need to be updated after each patch or micropatch, only a very big game update can spoil it.

4. EasyTundra – it is written in C # (si sharpe) therefore it is necessary that .NetFramework is enabled / installed on the computer 4. There is no protection on the trainer, very few antivirus operations from 0 to 3 maximum. In fact, this trainer is the only one that is at least somehow optimized and there is no CPU load, although there is not a big minus in the form of NetFramework, it is usually always on the PC, but in some Windows builds the component is turned off and you need to turn it on.

5. All the trainers presented here on the spears in the basic sense work exactly the same. Use WriteMemory and ReadMemory. . . This windows API Wargaming can very easily intercept and ban anyone who uses it. But apparently so far they do not have such a tool in the client. . which is very strange. . it’s very easy to implement.
The differences are not big, somewhere there is a radio, somewhere a quick close of the game, somewhere a check for a bug with Alt + Enter trees. 



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