WoT by Hjundaj Leviathan Crew Voices By Andre_V Leviathan Crew Voices By Andre_V


That is set of sounds from Halloween event from 2017. A lot of players liked that set of sounds which was present in battle modes: Invasion and Eternal Battle. Thanks to the player from the EU Helpics server who helped the author deal with the adaptation of phrases. Now this voice acting crew is available even after the event is over. The archive contain two versions of the voice acting of the crew. In the first version you will find the original phrases from both modes, but in the second version you will find a surprise, in which the author applied effects to the background of voice notifications, and also changed the pitch of the phrases, It is like Leviathan’s ice-cold phrases.
On the video that is provided below, the phrases from the second version of the crew’s voice acting sound. We hope that this sound mode will diversify your game, and will make at least some new impression in the dull rand.

Author: Andre_V

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