WoT by Hjundaj

9.16 BOGRAD’s clean and simple XVM config .

This is a simple and clean XVM mod configuration that Bogard have been using for many years now.

Bogard update this config very often, as long as he is playing WOT anyway.

If you like it feel free to use it.


Download and open the archive. Delete your res_mods folder and replace it with the one from archive.



    – 11.10.2016: 0.9.16 update to XVM

     – 5.10.2016: 0.9.16 update to XVM

– 29.09.2016: update to XVM (small minimap fix)

– 25.09.2016: update to XVM 6.4.5 (minimap circles support added by xvm)

– 17.09.2016: update to XVM to 6.4.4 (camera line on minimap added)

– 15.09.2016: XVM version 6.4.3 for0.9.15.2 micropatch

– 01.09.2016: XVM version for

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