WoT by Hjundaj Aimbot DarkTeam Eprst (updated) .

Autoaim Darkteam in finding vulnerabilities and have great anticipation of target movements.

Description of Aimbot DarkTeam Eprst

The main advantage is a great sight calculation anticipation. Through which significantly simplifies shooting tanks, rushing at high speed. In addition, the sight supports automatic search for weaknesses in the armor of an enemy tank. Displays the probability of penetration, if the enemy is hidden behind a barrier it is showing warning that the shooting will not bring results. If you see it, it is not recommended to shoot.

Aimbot DarkTeam Eprst


Setting for Aimbot DarkTeam Eprst are located in the file


By default, the modification control is performed using KEY_NUMPAD5 buttons. To remove a target autoaim use button E.

Before installing the mod, check if you have installed alternative autoaim . If they are present in res_mods folder, make sure you remove them. Otherwise, you may experience conflicts between different versions of this type of mods. Aimbot DarkTeam By Eprst (updated)

Every Mod you download on your own risk.
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Authorof mod: eprst

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