WoT by Hjundaj Crew Skill Informer – Voytello + Dumadidak

During your participation in regular battles World of Tanks many players accumulated a solid fleet of various armored vehicles. And, of course, numerous multinational crews.

Changing a single fighting unit to another, a gamer can simply “worn out” and forget that they know how his tankers. Coming into the fight to “Chaffee” can be easily forgotten that the commander had not pumped skill “sixth sense”. And for such a light tank unfortunate mistake fraught with immediate destruction. What can we do that in the next battle this mistake is not repeated? All is solved very simply. Suitable modification skills and display skills (perks) crew in the battle for tanks of World the WOT .

When the battle begins, next to the icon art, in the lower left corner, there are icons of the crew members of the combat machines. And in front of each is designated, which trained each. The driver was trained at the “Masters of the ram” and “King of off-road” while the gunner is able to smoothly rotate the tower, well, I do not notice the commander of his “Eagle Eye” and “light bulb” will be impossible.
An important detail. The modification is activated by pressing a button, which if desired can be assigned independently.

Crew Skill Informer - Voytello + Dumadidak Crew Skill Informer – crew’s skills and perks in battle window 

CrewSkillInformer is WoT mod to visualize crew’ skills & perks meanwhile the batlle.
From version 0.5 it is possible to use this mod in replays BUT:
– replay have to be yours,
– to use mod in replay first run the game and choose vehicle in garage (the mod will read the info about the vehicle and put it to the session file)
– mod will show actual info from session file not from time the replay was created by the game
From version 1.0 mod is now created as a ‘wotmod’ file.

After instalation in game to see perks press “BackSpace”, release button to deactivate mod.

Author of mod: voytello


How to Install

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