WoT by Hjundaj Chameleon Mod – Stealthz (two versions) UPDATED ..

Chameleon for World of tanks replaces conventional skin tanks in 3D option.

When you enable this mode display enemy tanks only in the sniper scope. In contrast to the standard of a chameleon, this modification uses advanced color grading.

When you try to vytselit enemy’s tank, you can clearly see where the different towers, bulwarks, caterpillars, poorly protected by the roof of the tank. In addition, the more pronounced will be the result of shots fired as your and your allies. The marks that remain after falling into a tank, to become more distinct. You can see where the enemy tank was broken, and where his armor withstood the onslaught of the projectile.

Another advantage would be shooting at long distances. The contour of the tank is clearly visible due to the different houses and stones. Now you can get even sticking because of the obstacles a couple of pixels.


Change the setting mode can be in the file


Author of mod: Stealthz

– V.1 – always ON

– V.2 – only when aiming on enemy tanks

Chameleon Mod - Stealthz Chameleon Mod By Stealthz

WORKING UNTIL: 18.03.18.


This mod has been added to the list of prohibited mods.
Do not put your replays and screenshots in the public domain.



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