WoT by Hjundaj Arty Reload Timer


Many players have difficulty if balancer World of tanks gave opposing teams for a few guns. Quite difficult to calculate the maneuver in open terrain with no information about how the enemy charged ART-ACS or not.

Timer-charge artillery opponents and allies for World of tanks WOT is much to plan your actions. Even if the enemy is outside the glare, but the tracer after his shot hit the field ally visibility or causes damage to any tank of your team events will be able to process the data and display information about the CD you on the screen. In addition, events will come in handy when playing on light tanks. You will know exactly when the Allied artillery charges and it is time to begin to transmit intelligence.


Setup mode takes place in the file


You can configure the parameters modification. For example, to change the coordinates of the label placement introduced mod, change the text, adjust the size and font color and so on.

Arty Reload Timer Arty Reload Timer

This mod can display the enemy arty’s reload time even they are not be spotted.

Author of mod: Ekspoint + adri1

The reload time will be record, if the arty shot and the shell’s tracer displayed for you or the shot hit any tank.

Every Mod you download on your own risk.
We do not encourage to cheat. We want to Inform you.


How to Install


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