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A little modification will extend the capabilities of the game client World of tanks. Now when you replay the battle you will be able to use free camera in replays for World of tanks

You can move around the battlefield.
To move the camera in places on the tank not to call. This feature is useful for creating a beautiful video about the game.
Also you will be much more convenient to analyze the course of the battle, as you will be able to move the camera on any tank and trace all his actions during the battle.
To activate free camera is not difficult. First you need to click the left mouse button.
When you see the text “Free camera activated” in the area of the panel shells, press the key combination Caps Lock + F3.
Adjust the height of the camera can scroll.
To move around locations, use a standard button control with a tank (default is WSAD). FreeCam – Free Camera in Replays FreeCam – Free Camera in Replays

Instructions for use:
– After the countdown ends, switch *left click* to your tank’s ‘free camera’. Hold Caps Lock, and click F3.
W,A,S,D, to move the camera, mouse to look around. Q, E, to increase and decrease altitude, *height*.
– Number keys 1-0 to adjust flying camera speed.
X to lock camera at height above ground level.
C locks the camera to a point which can then be orientated around in a 360 degree circular shape.
P is your camera stabilizer, use this for a cinematic feel to your shots.
Insert & Delete changes the POV (Zooms In and Out)
V disables your in-game HUD *Menus* to only see the battlefield.
Right Click locks your camera back to your tank again.
– You can use the ‘B‘ key whilst in the flying camera mode to lock yourself to a tank.



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