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How to Skin HD Tanks, with Free Software


How to go about the basics of skinning and modifying the new HD tank skins. Aim is for this method to be easy for anyone to get into, and remain accessible to those who don’t want to push their skills to a program as complicated as Photoshop or GIMP, as well as worrying about installing a plugin.

In this setup, all you need is:

-A windows computer with World of Tanks installed on it

Paint.NET, a free and very barebone Photoshop-esque Image editing program

7-zip, an archiving program to access the World of Tanks BigWorld .pkg files


and that’s it!


Of course, there’s some folder navigation to be done, and for some… things can get a bit tricky with the directories. So feel free to pause and rewind as much as possible, to attain every step.


Part 1:


In Part 1, you install Paint.NET and 7-zip if you don’t already have it. From there, I show you how to go to your World of Tanks directory, and from there, access the original in-game texture files, and then place them accordingly for modding. I also show saving .DDS files in Paint.NET, and demonstrate right away how to refresh your tank’s appearance in World of Tanks to see your modded textures. I also show you how to revert your changes at the end.



In Part 2, I show you some more features of Paint.NET, so you can learn some more powerful features of it. I go over Layers, Primary/Secondary Color, and the Brush tool, Gradient tool, and Select tool. I also talk a little bit about tracking the UVs and trial and error. If you’re already knowledgeable in Paint.NET, and/or have experience skinning the tanks already, you can skip this video.



In Part 3, I go over the 4 different texture maps used to compose the final appearance of the tank in the game, and what effect each one has on it’s appearance when it’s modified. To demonstrate the Reflective/Specular map, I make a Golden O-Ni in the video, and then bring it into a battle to show the lighting on the tank in a battle.



These video tutorials are step by step and made to be relatively easy to follow. If you have any feedback on these videos or any questions following up any of the steps or certain parts of skinning the tank, feel free to reply below. I really hope it’s a big help and it’s what you guys were looking for in finding a good, quick, easy way to learn how to skin the HD tanks in World of Tanks! Good Luck!


Created by : Medessec from NA World of Tanks Community


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