WoT by Hjundaj PowerBait Damage Panel By Andre_V

Among the many developments that offer craftsmen-modders to replace the standard options, there are also some who just wanted to throw in the trash. So clumsy and ugly, they look in the game client, World of Tanks. Fortunately, you can find a real masterpiece. It can be described as damage PowerBait panel of tanks World . Try to install it only for the love of the beautiful.

The panel damage, which it replaces, is transformed beyond recognition. The color scheme is the same as the standard, but all done! Volume, smoothness of tone. Frankly, it is an extra problem. There is a danger that the “tank man” forget what went into battle, and will be considered an innovation, forgetting about the battle. It should be emphasized, that the functional part is not inferior to graphic design. Everything in its place, and is well recognizable. But there is also an innovation. A strip of “life” technology is now placed horizontally. This “trick” very soon you will get used. Among the additions – there is information about the type and model of enemy armored vehicles, which led to a fire at the player’s tank. Also displays the type of ammunition and the quantity of the damage, or lack thereof. PowerBait Damage Panel By Andre_V


– Copy the “mods” folder to:
“\World of Tanks”

How to Install

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